Hustle Fest

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Hustle Fest at The Vogue

Hustle Fest at The Vogue! A BUSINESS ROCK SHOW!

If you have a side-hustle or want to start a side-hustle, this is a MUST ATTEND EVENT.

Local entrepreneurs Bryan Neale and Jason Barnaby created HUSTLEFEST to make things happen for Indy entrepreneurs and HUSTLERS. They both turned their side HUSTLES into REAL HUSTLES and wanted to help others do the same. You’ll hear from well known Indy HUSTLERS who’ve made their side hustle-their main HUSTLE. Confirmed speakers include:

Bryan Neale-NFL Referee and CEO of Blind Zebra Enterprises

Jason Barnaby-CEO of Firestarters Inc. and Author of Igniting the Firestarter Within

Erica Ballard-CEO of Erica Ballard Health and Creator of the B-Method

Pete “The Planner” Dunn-USA Today Columnist, Financial Advisor, Indy $$ Celebrity, Author of 10 books

Gary Brackett- Colts SB Super Bowl Champion turned CEO, Movie Producer and Franchise Expert, Owner of Stacked Pickle

This is an ACTION oriented GET S*$^ done event like no other. Instead of leaving with a “ To- Do” list, you will leave with a “DONE!” List.


Your admission for this day includes:

1-ACCESS TO PEOPLE: You’ll learn how our HUSTLERS did it and they will help you DO IT

2-TOOLS: Each speaker will focus on an area near and dear to their heart. They will share their experience and then YOU WILL DO what they teach.

3-OUTCOMES: You will leave with:

-Your business registered as a legal entity if it’s not already

-Your personal business plan completed with ACTIONS and OUTCOMES

-A minimum of 5 connector meetings set with other HUSTLERS

-All Social Media Channels created and activated

-Pricing structure done for your biz

-A whole lot of good fun-music and inspiration Energy and inspiration from a day of fun, music, and connection.

**Bryan and Jason are also original co-founders of the IU Dance Marathon. Students from IUDM will be there to energize and help make the day run smoothly. A portion of your admission will be donated to IUDM.


Early Bird: $299

4 Pack (Early Bird): $1,000

General Admission: $399

4 Pack (General Admission): $1,200

VIP: $499

VIP members will get:

Preferred Seating

Direct contact info. Of Speakers

Post event Meet and Greet Happy Hour with the Speakers

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