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    Comprised of Jon Gutwillig (vocals/guitar), Marc Brownstein (vocals/bass), Aron Magner (keyboard/vocals), and Allen Aucoin (drums), the quartet continues to bridge the gap between the jamband…

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    Comprised of Jon Gutwillig (vocals/guitar), Marc Brownstein (vocals/bass), Aron Magner (keyboard/vocals), and Allen Aucoin (drums), the quartet continues to bridge the gap between the jamband and electronica/dance worlds by drawing on elements from seemingly disparate genres. This style is referred to generally as trance-fusion. Formed in 1995 at the University of Pennsylvania, the group has quickly emerged as one of the most successful independent bands in the country.

    The Disco Biscuits are also well-known for their ability to run long sets together, sometimes even playing their songs backwards, in styles referred to as “inverted” and “dyslexic.” An inverted version of a song occurs when the band starts a song by playing its ending segment, followed immediately by its beginning segment and a jam that segues out of that song and into another. A dyslexic song is played the same way as an inverted one, with its main difference being that the pieces of the song are not played consecutively (e.g. ending of 1 -> 2, 3, 4, beginning of 1 -> 5). Another technique employed by the band is a fakeout, which occurs when the band plays a jam that usually leads into one song, but segues into another unexpectedly.

    Due to the separation of their segments, dyslexic songs can begin on one night’s show and end the next night. The nature of their setlists is both a blessing and a curse; while the myriad variations on their songs are interesting to hardcore fans of the band, it can confuse people who are not already familiar with their catalog. This forces the listener to be immediately willing to immerse themselves in the Disco Biscuits’ large catalog, which can prove to be a rather overwhelming task for novices to undertake. On the other hand, many are fascinated by the game of “what song are they going to play next”, and are disappointed when their ears are attuned enough to know the answers in advance.

    The band has 2 rock operas as part of their catalog: the Hot Air Balloon (written by guitarist Jon Gutwillig) and the Chemical Warfare Brigade (written by bassist Marc Brownstein).

    On 11/5/04 The Disco Biscuits announced that drummer Sam Altman was leaving the band to attend medical school. The band had toured only sporadically from the end of the summer of 2003 until Sammy’s official departure was confirmed. The band announced that Allen Aucoin would replace Altman as the full-time drummer on 12/12/05, ending months of speculation.

    In 2007, the band co-headlined the D.U.M.B. (Disco-Umphrey’s McGee-Biscuits) tour with Umphrey’s McGee. Bandmembers from both Umphrey’s and Bisco have further more found each other in the Brain Damaged Eggmen, a Pink Floyd and Beatles coverband


    * Encephalous Crime (self-released, 1996)
    * Uncivilized Area (1998)
    * Bisco Lives (2000)
    * They Missed the Perfume (2001)
    * Señor Boombox (2002)
    * TranceFusion Radio Broadcast Vol. 1-4 (2003)
    * Wind at Four to Fly (2006)
    * Rocket 3 (2007)
    * Planet Anthem (2010) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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