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    Killer Mike

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    Michael Render, better known by his stage name Killer Mike (born April 20, 1975) is an American rapper, signed to Grind Time Official through the…

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    Michael Render, better known by his stage name Killer Mike (born April 20, 1975) is an American rapper, signed to Grind Time Official through the SMC/Fontana Distribution. He made his debut appearance on “Snappin’ and Trappin'” on OutKast’s 2000 LP Stankonia, and also appeared on the Grammy-winning song, “The Whole World”, the single from OutKast’s greatest hits album Big Boi and Dre Present…OutKast. He was featured in the movies 20 Funerals, Idlewild, and ATL.

    Killer Mike released his debut album, Monster, in 2003. The album’s lead single was “Akshon (Yeah!)”, it featured OutKast on guest vocals, and was included on the soundtrack to the 2004 version of EA Sports popular video game Madden NFL. He even made a Madden ’04 remix of “Akshon (Yeah!)” for the game. Following the release of his own material, he appeared on “Flip Flop Rock” and “Bust” on the Speakerboxx half of Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. He also appeared on “Southern Takeover” with Pastor Troy on Chamillionaire’s CD The Sound of Revenge. His second album “Ghetto Extraordinary” has had its release date pushed back several times due to disputes between Big Boi and Sony Records.

    He collaborated with underground legendary producer and MC EL-P on his album R.A.P. Music in 2012. Mike and El-P went on to form the famous hip-hop duo Run The Jewels, releasing their debut self-titled album in 2013, RTJ2 in 2014, and RTJ3 in 2016, with RTJ4 planned for a release in 2019.

    Killer Mike has also performed as a voice actor. He plays a rapper/actor, turned President of the United States, named Taqu’il in the Adult Swim cartoon Frisky Dingo. According to an article published in the June 2007 issue of XXL, Killer Mike addressed why he left the Purple Ribbon roster. He stated that he felt as if Purple Ribbon was the equivalent to the “Clippers,” while he wanted to join the “Lakers.”



    Monster (2003)
    I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind (2006)
    I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II (2008)
    Ghetto Extraordinary (2008)
    Pl3dge (2011)
    R.A.P. Music (2012)


    * 2001: “The Whole World” (OutKast featuring Killer Mike)
    * 2002: “Land of a Million Drums” (Outkast featuring Killer Mike & Sleepy Brown)
    * 2003: “Akshon (Yeah!)” (featuring OutKast)
    * 2003: “A.D.I.D.A.S.” (featuring Big Boi & Sleepy Brown)
    * 2003: “A.D.I.D.A.S. (Cool N Dre remix)” (featuring Jermaine Dupri & Amil) (promo only release)
    * 2005: “My Chrome” (featuring Big Boi)
    * 2006: “The Juggernaut”
    * 2006: “That’s Life”
    * 2006: “All That Jizz” (as Ta’Quil; from the show Frisky Dingo)
    * 2006: “Bad Day, Worst Day” (featuring Ice Cube)
    * 2007: “My Chrome” (featuring Big Boi)
    * 2007: “Get Em’ Shawty” (featuring Bubba Sparxxx & Three 6 Mafia)
    * 2007: “Blam Blam” (Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theatres Colon Soundtrack)


    * DarkBrown & Dru – “Ridin’ Chevy’s” (featuring Killer Mike)
    * Purple Ribbon All-Stars – “Kryptonite (I’m On It)” (featuring Big Boi, Blackowned C-Bone, Killer Mike, and Rock D)
    * Purple Ribbon All-Stars – “Body Rock” (featuring Lil’ Co, Killer Mike, and Donkey Boy)
    * Purple Ribbon All-Stars – “My Chrome” (featuring Big Boi & Killer Mike)
    * Purple Ribbon All-Stars – “Claremont Lounge” (featuring Bubba Sparxx, Killer Mike, and Coool Breeze)
    * Purple Ribbon All-Stars – “Ain’t No Love” (Killer Mike freestyle)
    * Purple Ribbon All-Stars – “Kryptonite (Remix)” (featuring Big Boi, Lil Wayne, Bubba Sparxxx, Remy Ma, Busta Rhymes, & Killer Mike)
    * Bone Crusher – “It’s On” (featuring Killer Mike & Trick Daddy)
    * Bone Crusher – “Never Scared” (featuring Killer Mike & T.I.)
    * Bubba Sparxxx – “Miss New Booty (Remix)” (featuring Big Boi & Killer Mike)
    * Bubba Sparxxx – “Sinners” (feauring Killer Mike, Bone Crusher & David Banner)
    * Kool G Rap – “Real OGs” – (Featuring Killer Mike & Bun B)
    * Jay-Z – “Poppin’ Tags” (featuring Big Boi, Killer Mike & Twista)
    * Chamillionaire – “Southern Takeover” (featuring Pastor Troy & Killer Mike)
    * Talib Kweli – “Tryin’ to Breathe” (featuring Midi Mafia & Killer Mike)
    * Lil’ Jon – “Back Off Now” (featuring Killer Mike & Papa Roach)
    * Lil’ Jon – “Da Jump Off” (featuring Killer Mike & 404 Soldierz)
    * 8 Ball & MJG – “Runnin Out of Bud” (featuring Killer Mike)
    * Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters Colon the Soundtrack – “Blam Blam”
    * Jagged Edge – “Pour Out A Little Liquor” (featuring Killer Mike & Sosa)
    * Paul Wall – “Dat’s What Dat Is” (featuring Bun B, Killer Mike & H.A.W.K.)
    * Youngbloodz – “Hustle” (featuring Killer Mike)
    * Gucci Mane – “Black Tee (Remix)” (featuring Killer Mike, Jody Breeze, Bun B, Lil Scrappy, & Young Jeezy)
    * No Doubt – “Hey Baby (Remix)” (featuring Outkast & Killer Mike)
    * Ying Yang Twins – “What The F***!” (featuring Killer Mike & Bone Crusher)
    * Ras Kass – “Put Ya Glass Out” (featuring Killer Mike)
    * Lil Flip – “We Ain’t Playin” (featuring Killer Mike, Baby D, & Pastor Troy)
    * Da Backwudz – “Gettin 2 It”
    * DJ Kay Slay – “Coast 2 Coast Gangstas” (featuring Sauce Money, Killer Mike, Bun B, WC, Joe Budden & Hak Ditty)
    * Roccett – “LA 2 ATL” (featuring Killer Mike)
    * BPT – “Dragon Ballin” (featuring Killer Mike)
    * Balboa – “Hard” (featuring Akon, Killer Mike & Jody Breeze)
    * Kavious – “In The Yo” (featuring Killer Mike)
    * M.O.P. – “Push Back” (featuring Killer Mike)
    * Young Buck – “Welcome To The South (Remix)” (featuring Bun B, Killer Mike & David Banner)
    * Stat Quo – “More Problems” (featuring Killer Mike)
    * Big Boi – “Oh No” (featuring Killer Mike & Bubba Sparxxx)
    * SL Jones – “Superhead” (featuring Killer Mike, Gangsta Boo & Nario)
    * Sly & The Family Stone – “Runnin Away” (featuring Big Boi, Killer Mike & Sleepy Brown)
    * Trina – “Look Back At Me” (featuring Killer Mike)
    * Bun B- “Some Hoes” (featuring Chino XL, Killer Mike & Bulletproof)
    * Rehab – “Sleeping Giant” (Feat. Killer Mike) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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